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UCoin is an ERC20 utility token created to work in an ecosystem of business applications to have global circulation and address holder’s basic daily real-life transaction needs. UCoin currency is being launched with the pure vision of being available, usable, and valuable to everyone. UCoin is issued with the support of a global financial services platform focused on the needs and trust of the public and ensured by the very technology it’s built on – blockchain.

The technology is ready and the ERC20 Token is available.
The UCoin name and logo brands are trademarks registered.
UCoin is built on the Ethereum platform and blockchain technology which is the most reliable blockchain and is supported by the Ethereum Foundation.
UCoin is a member of The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (“EEA”) which connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matters experts, creating an ecosystem (Ubis) unrivaled in the blockchain universe today.
UCoin Business Ecosystem (Ubis) is being built to allow UCoin holders to have global circulation through a diversified digital financial and commerce network for their daily real life transactions.
UCoin is designed to ensure a globally-compliant utility token as per applicable laws.
UCoin is backed by a comprehensive business ecosystem custom designed to address most of the critical needs of the crypto industry today making it usable globally.
UCoin operating ecosystem includes world class strategic partners and UCI’s team that are working to continuously add and develop new sustainable business services and products links to UCoin’s ecosystem.
UCoin funds and assets collected and/or purchase by UCI will be managed and audited through financial and legal international renowned business entities to secure the transparency at all time.
UCoin’s business ecosystem digital banking platform alliances are to promote and secure globally acceptance and use, crypto custodial services, and circulation.
Access to your money anytime, anywhere and anyplace through mobile and secured applications.
And much more.

ICO Details

ICO Start date
Jan 1, 2020
ICO End date
Dec 31, 2020
Token Sale Hard Cap
USD 200,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap
USD 100,000,000
Token Symbol
Token Type
ERC20 & Ethereum
Token Distribution
Initial Token Price
1.0000 USD
Participation Restrictions
USA, China, Singapore
ETH, BTC, Fiat

Team members